Who we are

We are a team of skilled engineers and researchers having long time experience of design, manufacturing and experimental testing in aerospace and astronautics sectors. The technical know-how of the Company group ranges from basic background of material science and electromagnetic fields up to advanced areas such as hybrid multi-functional composites, evolutionary computation and physics of nanomaterials.

Our strength lies in the double value of the technologies provided. On one hand, they can be used in standard applications, as for microwave components or lightweight structural panels; on the other hand, they can be employed in Aerospace and Defence sectors for high-value solutions, as for EM interference shielding, thermo-mechanical resistance in harsh environment, radar tracking reduction and high-energy impact protection. Our core business goes from the concept and optimization of customized materials and structures up to the production of commercial prototypes.

Furthermore, we currently provide personnel and facilities to perform certification tests and quality checking activity, as well as high-tech consultancy and training services as regards our application sector. Our know-how in industrial design, manufacturing, testing and much more is put at the service of customer, with the aim to constantly find specified solutions to meet clients’ need.

Due to the affiliation with The Hive incubator, we have a clear and defined road map to funnel the company towards a valid market approach. We established our head office in San Marcello, a small town near Ancona, where we aim to create an innovative and attractive pole in the region of Marche for the aerospace sector. At the same time we are involved in Spazio4Marche, a non-profit association located in San Marcello, in order to raise awareness regarding the aerospace sector.

New solutions & materials for Aerospace and Defence