Products & Services

We provide consultancy and training services as regards our application sector

Our know-how can be put at the service of customer’s needs. We find new solution in material and structures design & optimization: we supply with nanotech structuring, chemical/physical analysis and testing

Aerospace, Aeronautics, Defense

– Lightweight  multifunctional items: structural/thermomechanical resistance in harsh environment, hot structures, protection from high energy impact (micrometeoroids, space debris), EM interference (EMI) mitigation

– EM shielding: radar absorbing materials/structures (RAM/RAS), Radar Cross Section (RCS) reduction / low traceability (stealth structures), high energy EM pulse (EMP) and intentional EMI (IEMI) threat suppression

– Ballistic protection systems: light ceramic nano-composite whipple-shield bumpers, flexible anti-impact panels based on non-newtonian fluid prepreg (shear thickening fluids – STF)

Civil Engineering, Safety, Remote Sensing, Metrology, Advanced Electronics

– Structural solutions to EM compatibility (EMC) and EMI issues for employment in sensitive and/or critical environment (hospital, airport areas)

– Composite multilayers with a-priori defined EM response profile for low cost EM sensors calibration and wide-scale EMC feasibility

– Bias-controlled EM absorbing components for dynamic radio-frequency (RF) circuits and low cost multistate memory-tech

Space environment characterization of materials/structures - EM, chemical and morphological analysis, numerical simulations

Certification tests, quality checking, consultancy and training services for :

Space environment simulation − clean room (ISO-5) test, outgassing (UHV: 10−6 ÷ −8 atm; T: 125°C), atomic oxygen/UV/IR irradiation, thermal cycles (±150°C), thermal tests (CTE, thermal conductivity in vacuum)

Thermo-mechanical testing − tensile, compression, bending, dilatometry, flammability

Ballistic testing – electromagnetic accelerators (COILGUN, RAILGUN) with tunable impact energy (range E: 0÷0.5 MJ)

EM characterization – Microwave VNA measurement of dielectric permittivity, magnetic permeability, reflection and transmission coefficient by waveguide and coaxial set-up (2÷18 GHz), free space NRL Arch system (0.1÷18 GHz) and reverberation chamber (0.05÷8 GHz, 50÷70 GHz) equipment; LCR electrical conductivity test (range DC to AC-2 MHz)

Chemical/physical analysis – morphological and elemental characterization: SEM, EDX, TEM, XRD, Raman, FTIR, TGA, measurement of apparent density, porosity, viscosity

SW physical modeling – FEM numerical simulations:  ANSYS, COMSOL Multiphysics

New solutions & materials for Aerospace and Defence