Products & Services

We provide consultancy and training services as regards our application sector

Our know-how can be put at the service of customer’s needs. We find new solution in Material Design and Development of several business. We supply with Metal alloy molding, Nanotech structuring, chemical/physical Analysis and testing.

Aerospace , Aeronautics , Defense

Lightweight  multifunctional items: structural/thermomechanical resistance in harsh environment, hot structures, protection from high energy impact (micrometeoroids, space debris), EM interference (EMI) mitigation- EM shielding: radar absorbing materials/structures (RAM/RAS), Radar Cross Section (RCS) reduction / low traceability (stealth structures), high energy EM pulse (EMP) and intentional EMI (IEMI) threat suppression

– Ballistic protection systems: light ceramic nano-composite whipple-shield bumpers, flexible anti-impact panels based on non-newtonian fluid prepreg (shear thickening fluids – STF)

Civil Engineering , Safety , Remote Sensing , Metrology , Advanced Electronics

– Structural solutions to EM compatibility (EMC) and EMI issues for employment in sensitive and/or critical environment (hospital, airport areas)

– Composite multilayers with a-priori defined EM response profile for low cost EM sensors calibration and wide-scale EMC feasibility

– Bias-controlled EM absorbing components for dynamic radio-frequency (RF) circuits and low cost multistate memory-tech

Space environment characterization of materials/structures - EM, chemical and morphological analysis, numerical simulations

Certification tests, quality checking, consultancy and training services for :Space environment simulation − clean room (ISO-5) test, outgassing (UHV: 10−6÷−8 atm), atomic oxygen/UV/IR irradiation, thermal cycles (±150°C), thermal tests (CTE, thermal conductivity in vacuum)Thermo-mechanical testing − tensile, compression, bending, dilatometry, flammability

Ballistic testing – electromagnetic accelerators (COILGUN, RAILGUN) with tunable impact energy (range E: 0÷0.5 MJ)

EM characterization – Microwave VNA measurement of dielectric permittivity, magnetic permeability, reflection and transmission coefficient by waveguide and coaxial set-up (2÷18 GHz), free space NRL Arch system (0.1÷18 GHz) and reverberation chamber (0.05÷8 GHz, 50÷70 GHz) equipment; LCR electrical conductivity test (range DC to AC-2 MHz)

Chemical/physical analysis – morphological and elemental characterization: SEM, EDX, TEM, XRD, Raman, FTIR, TGA, measurement of apparent density, porosity, viscosity

SW physical modeling – FEM numerical simulations:  ANSYS, COMSOL Multiphysics

New solutions & materials for Aerospace and Defence